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then we have both products "on the shelf", but also like to tailor solutions

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We have standard products in the retail and distribution industry, and we are always looking for new projects

Our sales and consulting department is located in Denmark, while our development is located in Bulgaria with Danish management.

This combination provides cheap development combined with good needs analyzes, where the consultant and the customer understand each other.

Varna, Bulgaria

350,000 inhabitants, 6 universities in an area of already cheap Bulgaria that has development costs far lower than the capital Sofia.

Tailor-made solutions

Our methodology

First, we have a non-binding talk about your project, and if we can solve it, we ask for more material.

Your company will receive an offer for software development - the price will depend on whether Eazyfier can use the technology for others, and of course based on an hourly estimate.

Our development department has very well-defined development methods that ensure rapid development - while we have some of the cheapest staff costs in Europe. That's why we almost always work with fixed prices - we do not want the customer to get "unpleasant surprises".

Standard software

Eazyfier has already developed a number of products and we can often take starting point in these to make new products

This method saves both time in relation to how quickly the product can enter the market, but it also saves money in the development phase.

Order receipt for distributors of physical products.

Let the customer "shoot" a barcode from his mobile phone, and the order for the product is already with the distributor.

The electronic stamp card, which can be used in many industries e.g. bars, restaurants, cafes, podiatrists, masseurs, kiosks, etc.

The international and secure solutions for vaccine passports that actually solve the problems around personal data.

The team

Meet us

We are a small but very dedicated group of people who represent many years of experience in international IT projects

Lars Fenger

Sales +45 20 82 60 14

Mathilde Fenger

Sales +45 61 26 49

Therese Fenger

Sales +45 27 85 80 36

Flemming Schibstad

Economy +45 28 15 16 17

Michael Lundager

System design and databases +45 53 89 62 42

Mobile team

External help in Denmark and Bulgaria

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